Through her I see clear 

But nothing in her is real

Her eyes, her smile

Her words, her works

All so dead that the dead looks live

Like others I hoped to find something  real in her

Find I did a locker , hid deep within 

Shiny and precious it looked up to me

I had to know of what was in there!

Severed my heart I did ,

Forged a key of it I did .

With that , the key ,my life’s work 

I opened the locker that she had hid

To see that I was wrong, in it I found nothing

Empty was the locker.

This meant I had failed to see the real her then 

But now when I do, I have no heart to feel

Now I know of what I lost,

I lost myself, my soul and my heart,

Chasing a dream, an illusion was what she was!!


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