A place , where one  feels the need to be when things go bad , a place where you know the people around you are yours, a place were you feel nothing while you feel everything. 

So where is your home ?

Is it your house? Your family ? A person? A figment of your imagination? Or just A state of being ?

Let it be the cozy room you return to every night! Let it be a corner seat at the restaurant down the road ! Let it be the peak of a rocky hillock! A place only you know,or a place everyone does

What ever or wherever, everyone has one, every living being has one- from birds to fishes!

To have a home is not a luxury nor is it a requirement, what it is ,is an innate craving !! We all have it , a ‘wanting to go back ‘ when you are out or away . It might not mean that you came from there , it may not be that you’d go there either. All it means that you find ‘peace’ in knowing you have the desire to be somewhere .

So can you have more than some ‘one’ place you can call home ? More than one place where you can find yourself? 

The answer to that lies within oneself ! You have always got a choice, a choice to choose a better path(s) for yourself

 Pathways the lead you back home ! 

Ps.’Thoughts of many put as one !’ 


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