Lines and lies

What is it that has made us,’us’?

What is it that makes this world we live in, worth living in?

Most of us believe that what we have done is what counts , that things we do is what makes us who we are !!!! But is it so ??

But what if things we have done just happen to becomes just another memory ? What if things we thought counted , never did?I for one believed that a person is nothing more than the stories they had to tell !As nothing seemed to paint a person better than the way they tell their stories. The smirk in their faces as they hail themselves, their drowning eyes as they breakdown and sobb ,the long deep breath they take to muster the courage to tell stories they never thought they will. These just a few of the many different elements you notice as a person opens up. 

These stories  I hear , so magical yet believable , I often questioned their genuinity ! But then when I came about to think of how I tell my stories ,it clicked !!!!

“The way I tell my stories huh? “I thought! Yes it used to have the same essence of the real event but the tales I told were much brighter! A certain dramatic flair to an otherwise ‘ordinary happening ‘ ,And I knew why !  No one, irrelevant of how close they are or how good to heart they are ,would spend time listening to a story which seemed like just another day in their lives.

And yes coming back to the topic at hand! What makes us ‘us’ and the world worth living in !! Well it’s these very stories we have to tell and those boundaries we use to define it that makes us’us’!! And as said by some man , the history of this world is nothing but a story written by Victors and conquerers, which makes the world we live in now, a story in the making; waiting for the victors and winner to write it down !! Isn’t that something worth living in this world for , to make your life worth being in that story ????

In dedication to another days chit-chat with an unexpected customer !!!!


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