Instincts we have

Work on your instincts, believe in your instincts, what do your instincts say? 

These are all just some of the few phrases about ‘instincts’ that we’ve all been exposed to aleast once ! And we all invariably lay them to waste just like all the other crap we get in the name of advices !!

But unlike other advices, this one’s special ! As this one truly is the most messed up of all! For instance , when you are subjected to such lines, your instincts tell you to slap him/her , but you don’t !!! So does this mean that you instantly disregarded thy given advice.? Ah well, theoretically yes ,yes you did! But that’s because the whole concept of it is messed up.

So if it’s so messed up ,what do they actually mean,when they talk about insticts? 🤔 

To put it in simple terms , every decision you ever make comes down to either going for or against your ‘instincts’ . So what they actually mean when they tell you about how you should believe in you instincts , is to mould your instincts in such a way that you never have to go against it when you make a decision!

But of what I’ve come to know , it is the raw , untrained instincts we have that actually acts as turning points in our lives ! One always says that it was those decisions that they took ‘without thinking ‘ that has brought them to were they are now . And ‘decisions took without thinking’  is nothing but a rephrasal of ‘ following your instincts’ .

It’s  vital for us as living beings to be instinctive and impulsive , not always , but at least at those times that really matter , moments  that might end up defining us.

 As in this world of choices only one actually matter , whether you choose to follow your instincts or not …..!! 


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