My dawn is done!

A step,then another  and so on,I went!

Closer to what I thought was my end!

No , I thought so very wrong indeed

It l was just the end of that time.

As my Dawn is past in time,

And now I am in early noon . 

Brighter became the world with light,

Misty and blurred ,yes it still was

From the morning fog ,that still loomed by.

The sun gave me paths  to choose from 

Ones with shadows and others pure white

But a path is not my want right now !

I looked back to see my shadow shrink

As realisation took over me !!!!

My Dawn had truly past ,

And scorching noon is what awaited me !

And now my mind asks, what should we do?

Perish should we in the fire ahead? Or

Cherish it’s warmth and tread ahead?

The reply so obvious, simple it was not 

But made is now my mind 

As the NOON awaits me….


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